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Eternal Sisters: Love Beyond Life

Embracing the Wisdom of Old Souls

Signs from Heaven

The White Roses

2 min read

Remember Your Loved Ones

Our loved ones in spirit like to be remembered, they like knowing that those left behind still love them and remember them.  They know when we talk to them, when we pray to them, when we write them a letter or an email, when we draw a picture for them or write them a card. They can hear us when we sing a song to them. They know when we […]

12 min read

When Children Go Home

by Michelle Stokotelny Why? How can this be?” I will hear a bereaved parent ask me during a mediumship reading. Being a mother myself, I choke back the tears as I say with truth, humility, and compassion “I wish I could tell you exactly why” as I connect with them to bring forward information from the Spirit World about their beloved child in spirit that only they would truly know; […]

12 min read

Letter from your Child in Heaven

by Fara Gibson “Dear Mum and Dad, I wanted to send you a letter from Heaven because I see how difficult your days and nights have become for you and the family since I passed. I hear you asking why it is that I had to go to Heaven before you. You say, “How can it be possible for my child to pass before me!!??” I see the anger, the […]

4 min read

To Grieve is More Natural Than You Think

When our daughter was alive, it was pretty natural for us to talk with our family, friends and co-workers about her. She was born with cerebral palsy, and it caused issues with her both physically and developmentally. She was perpetually 5 years old and, at nearly 25 years of age, loved Barney, the Wiggles and Disney princesses, especially Snow White. Her main mode of moving about was a power wheelchair, […]

3 min read

Christmas, Spirituality and Grief

For those who have recently lost someone they love, the Holiday season can seem more as something to survive rather than enjoy. Many bereaved parents feel like they just want to “cancel” Christmas, wishing they could find a quite place to hide until January. Our society is very much focused on our materialistic possessions and this makes us loose sight of what really matters and lowers the energy frequency of […]

3 min read

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is a very broad term, often misunderstood and it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what it means: it can be given different interpretations depending on one’s perspective. If you look up its definition on Google what you find is: “the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things”, which is a great definition in my opinion. Let me tell you […]