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Running for Esther

Losing a loved one leaves an indelible mark on our lives, shaping the way we navigate the world. Seven years ago, my world was forever changed when I said goodbye to my daughter, Esther, who battled cancer with unimaginable bravery until she was just four years old. As I lace up my running shoes and embark on the journey of training for a The Royal Parks half marathon, I am […]

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Ever-Present Melodies

As we enter July, we observe a particularly poignant time – Bereaved Parents Month. This is a time for us to honor, remember, and acknowledge the winding journey that grieving parents undergo. This month, I want to particularly remember a bright spirit named Esther. Although she was only with us physically for four short years, her presence in our lives endures. A child’s death, in the natural order of life, […]

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Embracing the Wisdom of Old Souls

In a world that often values youth and the pursuit of external achievements, there are individuals who embody a profound wisdom that transcends their chronological age. These individuals are often referred to as “old souls.” Their unique perspective on life, their deep understanding of the human experience, and their appreciation for timeless wisdom make them intriguing and inspiring beings. An old soul is someone who possesses qualities that go beyond […]

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Loosing a child

Losing a child is one of the most difficult things anyone can experience. It’s a pain that can’t be fully described with words, and it leaves an emptiness that never quite goes away. I find comfort in the idea that our souls continue on after our physical bodies die. For me, the belief in life after death is rooted in my faith. I believe that our souls are eternal, and […]

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INFJ and Grief

About a month ago I took the Myers’s-Brigg test and found out that I am an INFJ, introverted, intuitive, feeler and judging. We are a minority within the 16 personality types, with less than 2% of the total population. Intuitive is less widespread than sensing, about 20 vs. 80% I think, which is probably why we are a minority. The functions of INFJ are: As INFJ we recharge our energy […]

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Catching up during these strange times

A few months ago I had a reading with one of my favourite mediums, she encouraged me to start writing on this website again, saying that my guides were going to help me. I did not take on her advice at that time, partly because I was too busy with life, and partly because I was scared of not knowing what to write. Fast forward a few months on, we […]

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Reflection of a Grieving Mother

On June 7th it is going to be two years that my daughter Esther departed this Earthly life, leaving her little 4 years old body, devastated by a horrible disease, and transitioning to spirit. Esther fought cancer for one and a half years before claiming defeat, that for a little girl is a very long time. We had many ups and downs, but she was incredibly brave and always kept […]