Welcome to Esther’s Rainbow

I am a grieving mother on a spiritual journey. I lost my precious little girl Esther to cancer last year and since then I have been researching and learning about the afterlife and how our children live on in spirit.

My research taught me that these horrible tragedies happen because they are lessons for individual souls, their soul families, and their soul group. In the school of earth, we accumulate experiences and everything, no matter how horrendous, happens for a reason and according to a soul’s plan.

We are a magnificent, powerful souls who have come to earth to evolve and learn the lessons of love. Our beloved children are also powerful souls who came to earth for a short time and chose our families to accomplish some sacred purpose.

We grieve because we miss our lovely children and our mind cannot comprehend why they had to die before us. We expect them to grow up, enjoy the jewels life has to offer, and have children of their own one day. This is what we all know as the normal cycle of life.  Our souls know the truth about this divine plan, but at the human level, we have forgotten that where is great pain there is even grater love, which is all that matters in the end ❤️.


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  1. My name is Connie. I lost my only child Cassie 9 years ago. She was 17, a high school senior. She passed away as the result of a pulmonary embolism. We lost her on our wedding anniversary. As I type this I’m smelling perfume. Not a day goes by that I don’t say her name. The hurt never stops.

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