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Happy Birthday Esther

Dear Esther, Today, you would have been 12 years old. I find myself thinking about all the moments we could have shared, the laughter, the milestones, and the sheer joy of watching you grow. Even though you left us at such a tender age, your spirit has never really left my side. I see you in the sunrise, in the laughter of children playing, and in the quiet moments when […]

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A Love Letter from your loved one

by Tahlia Hunter Take the love you have for meAnd radiate it outwardsAllowing it to touch and impact others Take the memory you have of meAnd use it as a source of inspirationTo live fully, meaningfully and intentionally Take the image you have of me in your mindAnd allow it to fuel youTo take actionSeize the dayAnd be reminded of what is most important in life Take the care you […]

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Dear Dad

by Elise Kowlaski Dear Dad, I want you to know that I see you, the real you. I know you keep it together for everyone around you. You are so strong in how you carry on for all those you love. You find quiet moments to yourself to think about me and how it used to be. You shed tears when you think no one is there but I am […]

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Letter from Heaven

by Elise Kowalski Dear Mom, I wish you could see your own brilliance. I want you to know how bright you truly are. When I left my body your heart broke open, all colours turned to shades of grey, and you felt like an empty shell. You no longer believed you fit in anywhere. You felt like an alien on a planet where no one understood you. The world kept […]

8 min read

Dear Mum and Dad…

by Fara Gibson Dear Mum and Dad, Now that I am in Heaven, I know that life for you there just isn’t the same. I want you to know that I hear you say how much you miss me and love me every day. Yes, I still hear you. I love you so much too. My love for you will never waiver from Heaven. I can’t say that I miss […]

10 min read

Dear Elise…

by Elise Getter Kowalski In a little over three months, it will mark five years since my sweet beautiful boy, Luke, left his physical body and I have recently been thinking about what I would say to that woman I used to be. What would I say to the mama who’s beloved first-born son died in her arms, literally within moments of being accidentally hit in the chest by another […]

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Dear Mom…

by Christina Sargent Bergeron Dear Mom, I know you have a hard time facing each day without me, struggling to make sense of my death. I see you cry before bed each night and when you wake every morning. I see you sit in your car for hours at a time, shutting out the rest of the world, tears running down your cheeks as you listen to songs that remind you […]

7 min read

Message from Heaven

by Fara Gibson Hey there, it’s me, here up in Heaven. I’ve seen that you are really struggling since the moment that I graduated to Heaven and I wanted to send you a quick note to ease your pain. I know that you are carrying guilt with my passing and I really wanted to talk to you about that today. Through my life that I shared with you, there are […]

5 min read

When I am gone

by Jill Kottmeier When I’m gone and the minutes turn into hours, and the hours turn into days, the heaviness inside your heart may seem too much to bear. I know you will long to hear my voice sing the songs that I loved, see my face, sit beside me, tell me you love me, hear my laugh, or just have those simple conversations we once had. I know that […]

12 min read

Letter from your Child in Heaven

by Fara Gibson “Dear Mum and Dad, I wanted to send you a letter from Heaven because I see how difficult your days and nights have become for you and the family since I passed. I hear you asking why it is that I had to go to Heaven before you. You say, “How can it be possible for my child to pass before me!!??” I see the anger, the […]