Dear Dad

by Elise Kowlaski

Dear Dad,

I want you to know that I see you, the real you. I know you keep it together for everyone around you. You are so strong in how you carry on for all those you love. You find quiet moments to yourself to think about me and how it used to be. You shed tears when you think no one is there but I am there and do see. I catch each one of those tears and hold them close. I know it is the love spilling out of you that can not be contained.

You put on a brave face and smile and laugh. You spend times with friends and adore your family on earth but I know deep in your heart I am always on your mind. I know you have not forgotten me even as you move forward on your path. How could you? I was, and still am, the love of your life. Everything has changed and yet nothing has changed. Our love is still there, it continues on.

It doesn’t matter what you believe in from the human standpoint, because you’ll know one day (if you don’t already) that we will be fully together again. We are still together now, just in a frequency you may not be able to recognise. When you see the hawk fly in front of you, when a butterfly lands on your arm, when a rainbow appears out of nowhere, when a cardinal knocks on your window…trust that I am using my energy to make you notice. You stop, take pause, and say, “Can it be?…Was that a sign?”

Your mind might tell you it was just a coincidence but your heart and soul know it was a message, a communication of love that is ongoing. My love for you is stronger than death. Your love for me transcends all time and space. Truly, anything is possible if you believe it to be! Believe in me Dad, just like I believe in you. The human lifetime is a blink and we will be together again so very soon. Until then, trust and allow my love to carry you forward. I love you now and forever.

With all my love and eternal life,

❤️ Your Child ❤️

The author of this post Elise Kowalski is a bereaved mum and the creator of the blog “Love from Luke“.


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