How to connect with your loved ones in Heaven

by Fara Gibson

Quite often on this journey as a Medium, I do readings for Parents with children in Heaven. I do readings for children who have parents in Heaven. There are siblings missing siblings, and husbands missing wives, and wives missing husbands. Within those readings, is the love and understanding that their loved ones continue on even after a physical passing.

I realize that not everyone can get a reading of their own. But, what if, even if you have never had a reading, you could learn an unbreakable bond and communication with your very own loved ones in Heaven.

I want you to take a moment to get into a quiet place in your home, office, or even parked in your car. I want you to breathe in a deep breath of air through your nose and hold it just for a moment. As you exhale through your mouth, I want you to picture all of your stress and anxiety releasing from your body.

Now, take in a deep breath through your nose again and as you do, I want you to picture a white light being inhaled in that deep breath. Hold that white light within your lungs for a moment as it fills your entire body with Heaven’s love.

Exhale through your mouth once again and allow that white light to evict any negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, or self doubt as you let go of that breath.

Now, all that you have within you is pure and amazing white light. That light is made of Heaven. Yes, you now have invited Heaven within yourself.

As you sit in quiet, I want you to begin to speak with your soul. When I say speak with your soul, it means that your vocal chords and lungs are not necessary in this conversation. That beautiful mind of yours… Your thoughts, are your soul speaking….

I want you to close your eyes for a moment right now, take in another deep cleansing breath into your nose and as you hold it for a moment, I want you to invite the loved one in Heaven through your soul’s voice in your mind that you would like to connect or speak with.

Tell your loved one in Heaven your intention for asking them to step forward. “…I would like you to step forward to communicate with me from Heaven…”, “…I would like you to come into this space that I am in so that I can feel your presence surrounding me…” Or, you fill in the blank for what it is that your heart needs for healing from this moment.

I want you to know something at this very moment, just as you have invited your love one to join you in this moment, I can promise you with every ounce of my being at this moment that they are there with you at your side and working with you on your connection with them.

I want you to imagine them there to your right side. They are standing right there at your right, encouraging this moment of healing for you. They are lovingly inviting others from Heaven that will be able to help you with this connection in this moment.

Your Spirit Guides and Angels are standing to your left working with you in this moment as well. Don’t forget, your loved one that you invited is at your right and that is where they will stay as we journey though this moment.

Your self doubt has been released and for that reason, only Faith in these moments remains.

Now that you have invited your loved one to your side and your team of Angels and Spirit Guides is working with you on your left side, I want you to begin to speak to your loved one with your Soul’s Voice. Only this time, I want you to “Listen in your Soul” for your loved one’s answer to your conversation.

Just as you use your mind to speak with your soul, your loved one in Heaven will answer you within the silence of your mind as well. For a moment, you may feel as though you are pretending what your loved one in Heaven would say within your mind. You are not pretending at all. In fact, you are hearing Heaven.

They will not speak in an out loud voice in your ear. We don’t need vocal chords in Heaven. They will speak in your thoughts and it is truly up to you to trust that you are hearing them with your soul.

Challenge them to tell you something that only you and they know and see what “Pops up in your mind”. Favourite Memory, Favourite Color, or whatever simple challenge you would like to start with.

When you begin to hear them in your mind, challenge them to give you something that you don’t now about them that possibly someone close to them or you can verify. See what pops up in your mind and write these things down so that you don’t forget them later.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, and try again. Trust that you have this ability. Know that they are standing at your side. Work with your loved ones and Spirit Guides each and every day to make a beautiful connection with your soul’s voice so that you may create a relationship not in the physical sense with your loved one, but in the Soul’s Sense.

Your loved ones are always lovingly surrounding you as Heaven is simply 3 feet off of our floor. Look down where your feet are and go up 3 feet from the floor. That is where Heaven’s floor is. Trust that they are there. They want nothing more than for you to know that they are more than perfect and watching over you in all that you do from Heaven.

This is just the beginning of making your very own connections with your loved ones in Heaven. I have written a step by step book that helps you on so many levels of making your own connections with Heaven and it is titled, “Heaven Is Within Us“.


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