EVP and the Bereaved Mother

by Ellisa Levant Beaver

What the heck is Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP?) How is EVP a benefit to a bereaved parent?

EVP is a means of receiving actual audio voice messages from a person in spirit, received through electronics. It is an astounding phenomenon by which we can cooperatively work with those who have crossed before us, to receive messages from our child(ren) or loved ones, in their own words! EVP is a part of the umbrella of spirit communication known as “Instrumental Trans Communication” or ITC. EVP, Trans images (visual images) and Direct Voice Communication are all areas of ITC.

EVP is not as uncommon a practice as some might think. In fact, this phenomenon has been practiced and studied for decades. In recent times, like over the last 10 years, this practice of hearing voice messages from the departed has improved, because electronics and methods have improved. That is wonderful news for us!

For me, EVP has been the single most vital healing tool I was led to discover, since my beloved teenage son Matthew passed from cancer in 2009. He was 17 years old and valiantly fought the disease for over 3 years. Admittedly, I was a shattered shell of an exceptionally depressed person for several years following Matthew’s transition. I envied bereaved mothers who had a strong faith. I just did not know what I believed or what was true. I was lost, despondent and traumatized.

Eventually, I went on to have a few medium readings and from there developed some glimmers of hope that Matthew still existed somewhere. Over time, I went from having hope of an afterlife, to faith of an afterlife and then, to a complete KNOWING of an afterlife. If Matthew lived, then I was absolutely going to do anything I could to find him…and I did!

I was invited to a group that recorded EVP messages and I began to listen to the messages and later to record them. Then, I connected with Matthew! What an immense gift to hear from my child who “died!” I wanted to blast this news from the rooftops! How healing it would be for the world to know!

You might be wondering how it is possible that we can audibly hear voice messages from the so called “dead.” I do not think we can pinpoint precisely how this is done from the spiritual realm, but what we experience on our side, is that spirit can rearrange sounds we provide for them while recording, thus altering those sounds into audible voice messages that we, or anyone can hear with their own ears! This is a physical phenomenon and not entirely unlike how many of us experience our child manipulate electronics, move objects, place objects (like coins and feathers) or many other types of signs that they physically leave or create for us.

It must be understood that in EVP recordings, it is uncommon to hear our child in the same voice they had when they were physically here. In spirit they no longer have their physical voice. However, through their consciousness and technological ability that exists on the other side, they are more than capable of manipulating sounds here and thus create speech. For example, if I use the sound of softly splashing water as a background for their voice, my son, or others, will speak using that sound. The voice will sound either electronic, or like a person speaking inside the water. The most clear and effective sound source for recording EVP, is human vocal gibberish. If we take a human voice and chop it up in a software program and randomly mix it so that no actual words can be heard (gibberish), then the voice messages will come through with a “human” sounding voice. Spirit does this by rearranging the sounds in the gibberish we have recorded.

With EVP, we do not hear the voice messages in real time. The messages are heard upon playback of the recording. This process of listening is time consuming as one needs to listen to about 3-5 seconds of a recording at a time, while listening for an audible word. Once you find it, then you listen more behind that word and/or in front, until you hear the entire message. Another characteristic of EVP messages is that they are generally short sentences. On average, 3 to 6 words. Occasionally I have heard messages up to 11 words, but this is much less common. Though the sentences are short, we can receive cohesive streams of conscious communication and often, responsive answers to questions asked.

How can we KNOW we are hearing from our child and not someone else? That is not as difficult as one might think. We know our child and can feel our child. We recognize their language, their essence and manner of speaking. We recognize when they acknowledge siblings or pets by their names. We pick up familiar tones in their voice and we know when they comment on current happenings in our life that are evidential or resonates within us.

Can other spirits try to trick us? I do not definitively know the answer to this. However, in my years recording, my experience is “No.” I believe the eternal bond of love between parent and child is exceptionally powerful and pure. Therefore, I feel the communication that comes is of that immense vibration of love and authenticity.

The other beautiful thing about EVP is that these messages give us precious glimpses into the spiritual realm, or Heaven. We occasionally are told about how it is in Heaven and what our child is experiencing there. We hear their encouraging words and continue to receive their verbal messages of love. The kids often make requests of us and provide guidance. There is so much shared, and immense comfort is received through these messages. I find their messages exceptionally healing and validating and receive the same feedback from others.

My journey to heal progressed so dramatically from receiving Matthew’s EVP messages, that one day, I created a Facebook page to share them with other bereaved mothers. After about a year, I began to practice recording messages with some of the transitioned children of my EVP Facebook group members and was elated that those children could hear me and were willing to come through. I was thunderstruck with awe! I feel deeply passionate about connecting mothers with their children. It is a tremendous blessing and a humbling experience.

Later, I continued experimenting and branched out further to record for people grieving the loss of a spouse, sibling or parent. Through various experiments with EVP recordings, I have confirmed that voice messages can additionally come from infants, unborn children, spirit guides, pets and even living individuals who are non-verbal as well!

How is this possible? I believe it is their consciousness that is accessible as well as technology that exists in the spiritual realm. For example, very recently, my beloved horse “Harley” passed on, and I was very anxious to hear from him. In the recording, spirit gave me a rudimentary explanation of how Harley can speak. They said, “HE TALKS INTO SOMETHING SPECIAL…IN COMES HARLEY!” This is very validating to what I have learned from following the work of the amazing afterlife researcher, Sonia Rinaldi. Ms. Rinaldi explains that on the other side exists exceptionally large, solid and sophisticated technology centers known as Transmission Stations. Based on that premise, the message about my horse talking would indicate that telepathically he speaks into a device in the spiritual realm, and his words are then transmitted to my recording device.

Can anyone record EVP messages? I know people who are successful and others that are not. I would imagine with the proper heart, practice and dedication, it can be done by nearly anyone.

What do the children say? The answer to that could fill an entire book. Some of my favorite messages are: 


My son is in spirit now for 11 years. So far, I have yet to find a remedy for missing his physical presence in our lives. I highly doubt a remedy for that exists. However, establishing communication and a new relationship with our child in spirit, eases feelings of grief. Any amount of suffering we can reduce, is a welcomed respite of the pain of physical loss.

If you would like to experience hearing EVP messages and learn more, you are welcome to join my Facebook group: “HEALING GRIEF WITH EVP: A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY.


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  1. Administrator: Please post this: So Well-written, and supremely welcomed to the heart and mind. To ever higher heights may your work progress Ellisa, dancing in nothing less than the exquisite as you have! THANK YOU ELLISA!!! GOD BLESS YOU AND SWEET, DEAR ADORABLE LOVING MATTHEW. YOU BOTH GIVE TO US ALL… THE REALITY!.. OF “I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE.” LEAD THE WAY SWEETHEARTS !

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