Signs from our Loved Ones in Spirit

Was that dragonfly that you saw in the garden yesterday a sign from your loved one in Spirit, or was it just a dragonfly? How can you know? What about the amazing double rainbow, or the cardinal that perched just outside your window? What if you don’t ever feel like you’re receiving signs at all, or you’re afraid that when you do find that white feather, it’s just a coincidence?

We ache for messages from our son or daughter – a whisper, a feeling, anything that will help us to know that his or her spirit is near us. But, it can be so difficult to wholeheartedly and openly trust these signs here in the physical world, where the scientific mind tells us that we surely must be making this up. How can we know that we are receiving a sign, and how can we become more receptive to these little messages of love?

The language of Spirit is thought. At home in Spirit, we communicate through feelings, vibrations, visualization, and the poetry of intuition – in short, imagination. This kind of communication is far more direct and clear than our cumbersome words and double meanings here on earth. Here, we can say one thing and be feeling something completely different. Not so at Home. Nothing is hidden in Spirit, and communication is always genuine and rich with meaning.

Our children can and do communicate with us, even if they were infants when they returned Home. We are all mature beings in Spirit. It is only here that we must enter and begin a human lifetime as a baby and grow to physical and intellectual maturity. So, it is not possible that a soul was too young when he or she transitioned home to be able to send us messages. Our children as well as other loved ones are constantly visiting with us here. The love that they feel for us is as pure and immense as heaven itself. The tricky part for them is to get our attention.

Getting our attention is difficult for the very same reasons that we may find it hard to recognize signs. As humans here on noisy and busy planet earth, it’s hard for us to recognize the subtlety of communication from Spirit. Also, when we do get a message from Spirit, it’s so easy to write it off as wishful thinking or a trick of the imagination. But it’s here, in this realm of “imagination” that the language of earth and the language of Spirit meet.

When I first began to intensively practice and study in order to develop my skills as a medium, I steadfastly believed that I was making this stuff up in my head. Even though I was devoting a tremendous amount of time to the study of mediumship, I just wasn’t convinced. Imagine that! Little by little though, as I brought through images and validation from Spirit that only my sitters could have known, there came a time when I could no longer doubt what I was experiencing. The problem was that since what I was experiencing was so closely linked to what I have always known to be my “imagination”, I could only assume that I was making it up. But our faculty of imagination (like having a daydream) is the one true way that our thinking is like that of those in Spirit. Human intuition and imagination is the clear and open point of contact between ourselves and those in Spirit.

When you saw the dragonfly, why did you see it? You could have been looking in the other direction and missed it entirely. But, you did see it; it got your attention! And when you saw it, you immediately thought of your child. You felt that zing in your heart, that moment of wonder and joy when the whole world stops and there is that exquisite happiness of a moment shared with your son or daughter. Did your child appear as a dragonfly? Probably not, but he or she certainly could have called your attention to it.

What is important is not whether the sign is “real”. Don’t torment yourself with this kind of doubt. You’d be doing just what I was during my mediumship training. “Imagination” is not a bad word. For us, it’s an incredible thing! What’s important is that as you practice being open to the possibility of signs, it will become an increasingly joyous experience. As you come to trust this “imagination” of yours, you’ll find that it becomes an amazingly rich and wonderful experience.

Does it matter whether you’re seeing this, that, or the other standard sign – like a feather or a coin or a butterfly? Certainly not. If it catches your attention and your heart leaps, it is YOUR sign in that moment, and is as precious as diamonds. As you practice this openness to signs, you’ll find that the oddest things come to your attention during the day, but you’ll know without a doubt that it’s meant for you to see. You’ll begin to understand that these signs really are messages of love, of understanding, and even of humor! It is a language of love that will develop between you and your loved one in Spirit.

What matters more than anything is the welling up of love in your heart for the one you are missing so much. This love is the language of Spirit, and it is heard and shared by your child as clearly as a hug or a tender kiss. Perhaps it was “just” a dragonfly, but in that beautiful moment, please know that you were truly there with your loved one.

ZenDoe Linda Frank is a medium, a spiritual teacher, and the author of
“Heroic Compassion: Inviting a Lifetime of Challenges,

 Healing, and Spiritual Awakening.” She has written and taught for many years under the pen name ZenDoe at www.windhorseblog.wordpress.comHeroic Compassion is available at


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