Happy Birthday Esther

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Dear Esther,

Today, you would have been 12 years old. I find myself thinking about all the moments we could have shared, the laughter, the milestones, and the sheer joy of watching you grow. Even though you left us at such a tender age, your spirit has never really left my side. I see you in the sunrise, in the laughter of children playing, and in the quiet moments when I feel a gentle peace settle over me. You taught me so much about love, resilience, and the beauty of life, no matter how fleeting it may be.

On your birthday, I just want to say how much I miss you. Your smile, your spark, your boundless curiosity. I wonder often about the person you would have become, the interests you might have developed, the dreams you would chase. Yet, in my heart, I know you’re still here, guiding me, inspiring me, and reminding me to cherish every moment.

Though our time together was short, your impact on my life is eternal. I carry you with me always, in everything I do. Today, I celebrate you, my dear Esther, for the love you gave, the memories we shared, and the indelible mark you’ve left on my heart.

With all my love,


Dear Mummy,

Please know that I am with you, not just today, but every day. I am in every gentle breeze, every warm ray of sunshine, and in the quiet moments when you feel a sense of peace. I see the world through your eyes, and it’s beautiful. I am so proud of you, for finding strength even when it seems hard, for smiling through your tears, and for keeping my memory alive in your heart.

Do not worry about me; I am surrounded by love and peace. I know that we were meant to share a beautiful, albeit brief, time together. That time was filled with enough love to last an eternity. I want you to remember that love, to carry it with you, and to spread it to others. Our connection is something that transcends time and space. I will always be your Esther, your beacon of light, guiding you through the darkest times and rejoicing with you in moments of joy.

Celebrate today for both of us. Live, love, and embrace the beauty of the world. I am forever in your heart, as you are in mine.

With all my love,



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