Love is all there is

by Stephanie Patel

Love is all there is. There are two sides to that coin. One side is called “beauty” and one side is called “love”. Everything that is created is created from love. Another way to say it is that love is the beginning, and everything after that is a story. It is a story created on the canvas of the Universe. The Universe is All That Is, and every universe is a face of All That Is.

All of the emotions you feel are strands of love. They must be, for love is the beginning, and the end, of every story. It is that which goes on and on, it is what you are, and it is why every human heart seeks to know it. That is what you are doing in this life. This is your purpose: to express and experience love. This is your challenge or your dance, depending upon which side of your purpose you are in at the moment.

You are in control of your own experience. It is said “what you give you receive”. This is because you get to choose to be happy or not. This is free will. When you turn your attention to happiness, you experience happiness. When you turn your attention to grief, you experience grief.

Many say: I have no control over this, grief overtakes me, like a tsunami. 
We say: express gratitude to the universe for that experience. Don’t try to explain it, or justify it, or resist it. LOVE it. Love every experience that you have, for you came into this world to experience it. In this way you will stand untouched by the storm. You will know that you are an eternal being, that everyone you ever loved is part of eternity, and that no experience has the potential to destroy you. Otherwise it would be like saying that the waves can destroy the ocean.

You forgot why you came into this world, to have the beautiful experience of being a body in this beautiful world, and that is why everyone came in. You think that you ARE the body and therefore you fear non-existence, for bodies come and go over time like the leaves on a tree. You are not your body, and neither was anyone you have ever loved. If you immerse yourself in self-flagellation and self-hatred you waste the opportunity presented by this experience to express the love that is you. You miss the opportunity to experience the joy of this beautiful world.

This is the one choice you have. To remember who you are—pure love in form—or to forget.

Start every morning with the thought “I love myself with my whole heart and soul, and I love this beautiful world.” Look around you and marvel at the perfection in every molecule. Love holds everything together. Love is the glue that makes those molecules hang together to give you a body, clothing, a house to live in, furnishings, trees, rocks, a world to stand on, a sun to shine upon you. Express gratitude: “Thank you, thank you, for everything I experience, even though I know not what it is or what it is here for. I trust the Universe. Why would I not? Has it not produced all this wonder, this feast for my eyes and senses? Has it not worked efficiently and meticulously all the time I have known it? What is more dependable than Creation?”

Dare to love yourself. It is scary, for if you enter into unconditional love for yourself, it is a home you could never leave. Love would radiate from you like light streaming from a sun.

Do not confuse love with “nice” or “satisfying to the ego”. Love is all. Love is all around you. Love is in you. Love is in everyone, and every hurt you feel is showing you where you forgot about love.

Stephanie Patel is an Evidential Psychic Medium and Author based in the United States. Stephanie is a guest medium in Esther’s Rainbow Facebook group, where she has helped many bereaved parents to connect with their precious children is spirit. To find out more about Stephanie and to book a reading visit her website:


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