Mother’s Day, A Return to Love

by Elizabeth Robinson

The role of mother is a deeply sacred one. The journey of mothering however, is often fraught with challenge and yet dappled with fragrant moments of indescribable joy. To experience the joy of love and belonging is one we mother’s treasure. Yet when the child / teenager we love departs our lives, whatever the circumstances, the suffering is immense and immeasurable and the onslaught of that suffering feels like a tsunami that will never end.

Our children are our teachers. They act as potent triggers for our personal and spiritual growth, mirrors of magnificent power. They fill us up. They provide a landscape of purpose and meaning. Often our reason for being is shaped by the nature of their needs and their interactions, establishing a grand journey of giving, receiving, angst, arguing, struggle, pain, elation, stress, divinity, inspiration, anger, growth and great love. It’s all there, raw and real.

Within the dynamic mother-child relational field, we mothers are provided ripe opportunity for personal growth and elevation of our conscious awareness. One of the greatest of all opportunities for any mother’s transcendence is offered through their child’s leaving. We are then offered the most harrowing experience of loss and the most profound opportunity for transformation that we could have ever imagined.

What are we to do without that exquisite human being in our lives and our living? How are we to make sense of it? How can we progress without their physical beingness in our lives? How do we find the strength and the courage to continue on?

And of course this is where grit and grace must take centre stage. As we are forced to face their absence, we actually face new possibilities for our own growth and awakening. We must learn how to fill in that space by unlocking our own potential and unpacking it into the space they have left behind. Courage and commitment are required as we are called to shift the spotlight we might have previously shone upon them and instead, shine it directly upon ourselves. Especially into those deeper more forgotten shadowy places within us, where our lack of self-confidence might dwell, or our unworthiness, where the vulnerable shamed parts of us might live, those younger selves who needed the distraction and opportunity to project our disowned greatness onto our beloved child we couldn’t bring ourselves to own within ourselves.

What a courageous journey it is for us mothers as we are called to bravely inhabit our true greatness in the wake of the loss of the one we never imagined would ever leave.

For me it’s been a very long nine years of personal development and spiritual growth having my only child choose to leave my life at twenty-one years young, and choose to live her own life here on earth without me in it, whatsoever. But I could never have found my own inner light and truth and strength and potential if she hadn’t removed herself completely from my life. I adored her, I loved her beyond any measure of imagining. She was the greatness I never really believed I had within me. The deep loving-acceptance I felt for her however, was held without fully realising the deepest loving-acceptance for myself. I would later have to discover that within me. So her leaving offered me the exact trauma I required for the transcendence I desired as a soul, hopeful of my own becoming. She had to abandon me in order to enable me to stop self-abandoning. And for her extraordinary role in my empowerment and my personal and spiritual awakening, I am truly grateful.

Mother’s Day blessings to all mothers everywhere. I send great love for all you are, for all you do and all you hope to be ?

Elizabeth Robinson is an international author, intuitive consultant and spiritual visionary. For more information about her work, please visit her website:


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