Healing Stones for Grief

by Tiffany Thiel

I’d like to start by saying that this is by no means a complete list of stones available to help with healing, and grief, but they are stones I’ve personally worked with in my own journey of grief.

Just as each of our journeys differ on this trek, so do our needs. Some may work for you, some may not, and only you can decide. The most important thing is that you keep trying. Keep taking steps, no matter how big or small. 

The first stone we will discuss is Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz

This is a stone that is deeply connected to the heart chakra, our center of unconditional love, and healing. It has the ability to bring our consciousness to a higher level, helping you to forgive both others, and yourself, as well as helping you to see things from the heart’s perspective.

Its gentle energy can help wash away negative thoughts and emotions that are trapped in your energy, transforming them into thoughts of compassion and pure love.

The soft, beautiful pink tones of this stone will fade with exposure to direct sunlight, so keep that in mind.


The second stone we will discuss is Anyolite, or Ruby Zoisite.


Anyolite is a combination of green zoisite, and ruby inclusions. It is a stone that stimulates feelings of happiness and gratitude, while aiding you to feel empathy towards others who have shared similar circumstances. It enhances the connection between the  brain, and heart, which can understandably be disrupted during times of deep grief.

Its vibration within the brow chakra combines with the heart chakra, enhancing energetic and neural connection between the two. Because the energy of the ruby in this stone also connects deeply with the root chakra, it can help us feel more stability, and aids in moving that energy upwards, towards the heart.


The third stone we will discuss is the Apache Tear.


Apache tears are a type of black obsidian, yet have a softer vibration than many of the other types. They are wonderful for grounding, protection, and clearing of unwanted energies. Because of their ability to absorb negative energy, I highly recommend clearing this stone on a daily basis. (I’ll explain a few ways of doing this at the end.)

This stone’s energy is deeply connected to the root chakra, helping to channel unwanted energies into our mother earth, to be cleansed and renewed. They have the wonderful ability to lend support in times of grief and sorrow, their gentle energies helping us to accept, and release our grief, thereby removing blockages and stagnant energy.


The fourth stone we will discuss is, Lepidolite.


This stone was a personal favorite during those deep, early stages of grief. It is a stone of calm, and transition. It aids in emotional healing, and soothes during times of great stress, or depression. The raw, or untumbled/ polished, form contains lithium, which is what some claim lends it its calming affect.

Lepidolite is connected with our crown chakra, and as such, can help you become more attuned with the divine powers within yourself. Because of its calming nature, coupled with our crown chakra association, lepidolite can be an incredible sleep aid. Both helping you get to sleep, and facilitating the connection to our higher selves, while the conscious mind rests.

I highly recommend placing a piece of raw lepidolite under your pillow at night. Lepidolite, in raw form, can be quite fragile, so keep that in mind when carrying it with stones of greater hardness.

The fifth stone we will discuss is Amethyst.


This semi precious stone is an incredible tool not only in times of grief, but throughout any phases of life. It is a deeply spiritual stone, and is associated with the crown, and brow, chakras. It is an incredible amplifier, and pairs well with any other stone. Amethyst is also a protective stone, shielding against psychic and paranormal attack. Thus, it is another stone that I recommend be cleared regularly.

Amethyst can help bring spiritual insight, and couple it with intellectual reasoning. Because of this, it can be a great comfort in times of grief, helping to assure us
that there is no death, only a change of forms, and, through this knowledge, encouraging us to release our sorrow.

Amethyst is another stone that is sensitive to light, and will lose its deep purple hues if placed in direct sunlight.

The last, but definitely not least, stone we will be discussing is Selenite.


Selenite is an extremely high vibrational stone, and is one of the few stones that is self cleansing. Selenite also has the ability to cleanse and recharge other stones, amplifying the energy of anything placed on it.

Selenite wands are often used for “scrubbing’ your aura, or biofield. You can do this by holding it a few inches from the body, starting at the feet, and using a brushing motion, away from you. Just as though you were dusting yourself off. This can be especially helpful for extra sensitive, or highly empathic people.

Selenite helps to stabilize and balance the emotional body, something desperately needed in times of great grief. It aids in quieting the mind, and helping to clear the “chatter”. Selenite can also be a great aid in strengthening our natural psychic abilities, which in turn helps us to better communicate with our loved ones, and guides. It does this, by helping bring down light energy from the higher realms and into the physical body, ushering in personal transformation.

Selenite is associated with our crown, and soul star, chakras. This can help in activating dormant abilities, from prior lifetimes. Selenite is an extremely soft stone, easily dissolved by water, so try to avoid any exposure to water.


There are many ways to use these, or any, stones, so I’ll name just a few.

They may be placed on their corresponding chakras, during meditation.
They may be worn, or placed in your pocket.
They may be placed in front of you, and used as a focus point, during meditation.
They may be placed in your home, bedroom, car, or under your pillow.

There is no right, or wrong, way to use them. Whatever works best for you.


Again, there are many ways to cleanse your stones, so I’ll only name a few.

They can be placed on a piece of selenite, overnight.
They can be cleansed by using a singing bowl, or tuning fork. Remember, its all vibration! For this you simply sound the bowl, or fork, and allow the vibrations to flow over your stones.
They can be cleansed by burning white sage, or palo santo, then passing them through the smoke.
They can be cleansed by an “earth bath”, and buried for 24 hours. Just keep in mind the ones you cant wash with water.
They can be cleansed by being placed in running water for several minutes.
Again, be sure they can handle exposure to water.
They can be cleansed by a “sun bath”, by placing them in the sun for several
hours. Just avoid sunbathing any that fade with sun exposure, unless you don’t
They can be cleansed by a “moon bath”, by leaving them where they will get
several hours exposure to moon light. Just be wary if you live in an area with lots
of morning condensation, as this could harm very soft stones.


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