Crossing Over

Extract from the question and answers session with Medium Michelle Stokotelny on Esther’s Rainbow Facebook Community on 5th June 2020:

Q: “What happens after we die? How do we cross over?”

A: “This brings me back to when I was with my grandmother two years ago and she was preparing to transition. The words just came over me as I was stroking her hair and singing to her. I knew that she wasn’t afraid: she lived a wonderful life and everybody loved her, her loved ones were around too, but there was still that hesitancy at the time. For some reason I said “it is like waking up from a wonderful dream”. After she transitioned we connected and she said to me: “Absolutely it was exactly like that”.

It’s hard to explain but the more you meditate the more you connect with spirit you might find that you start to get glimpses of that. I don’t want to over romanticise it because it is important for us to focus on our lives here and live them as best as we can. If we are here in this moment we absolutely have a reason for it.

I would say that going through death is more pleasant than going through birth. I have seen both from the spirit viewpoint and going back to spirit is definitely easier because that is what we know. We incarnate for a reason and it’s certainly an amazing experience, but transitioning back to spirit is definitely easier on our spirit, because that is what we know. We think of we don’t know it, we think we know *here* because this is where we are now, but to them we are the ones who are dead, we are the ones that are taking the time off, we are the ones who are away. Where they are is Home and that is where we originate from, where we dwell for 99.9% of our existence. For them we are the one taking the time away from home, that is why many of us struggle and feel out of place sometimes, feel like kept from that comfortable place, but that is part of our lesson here.

Everyone dies and each death journey is a little bit different. I can never stress enough that no matter how your loved one died, please don’t ever dwell solely on how died because that is not defining of who they are. That is not what they dwell on in spirit: they reminisce about the love and the memories and the time spent together. You might focus on the last fight that you had or the words that you wish that you could take back. This is never what they focus on. It never happens that they come through and they say “do you remember that fight that we had or the words that you said?” It is never like that. They come through and they say: “do you remember that time that I cried and you gave me that hug, or that time that you thought I could do it and I did it?”

You shouldn’t focus on the things that you wish that you had done just because you didn’t know that you didn’t have more time, because that is not at all what they are focused on: they are focused on the fact that you love them so very much. They are focused not on the fact that you weren’t there when they transitioned, but they are focused on the fact that you live every single day of your life with them so close in your heart, you talk to them, you look at their picture, you remember them, you honour them and constantly honour their role in your life. That is where the connection is. So please don’t ever feel it like you didn’t do enough, don’t feel like you need their forgiveness for anything, that you weren’t there for them, or that you weren’t enough for them. You absolutely were and you still are and they will love you forever. Please don’t ever doubt that.”

Michelle Stokotenly

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