You are a Miracle

by Fara Gibson

I have written many articles with the intention of healing those whom read them. This article has that very intention as well. If anything written within this article challenges your Faith or Beliefs, please know that is never my intention. I am absolutely respectful of the Faith and Beliefs of others.

I believe that our lives here on Earth are Prewritten by us with intentions for our soul’s growth. I believe that we write our lives with those that we are sharing our lives with as well. Some of those people that we share our lives with are so close to us, it is as if our souls are intertwined. There are others in our lives that are meant to be lessons for our growth and make things to say the least, difficult for us in so many possible ways. Some of those that we share our lives with, we have lived many lives with before and even perhaps in different roles from the life we are living now. We may have a bossy daughter that seems to be more in the parental role and perhaps that is because she was in a previous life. Perhaps there is a friend that we have an amazing soul connection with and that connection could be carried over from a relationship of love with one another in a previous life as well. Maybe there are just those people that we can not get along with in this like, and lets face it, we don’t even like sharing the same air with them, and maybe, in this life, they have never done us any real wrong, but we just can’t find a way to like them anyway and perhaps that is from a past life connection in which they wronged you deeply in a previous life.

From the moment that we begin to plan a life here on Earth from Heaven, we determine what path we will take in life. We choose our Family, Friends, obstacles, Triumphs, Defeats, Loves, and Losses in many forms that we will need within our path to reach that growth that we intended for our Soul. We will write a path with twists and turns and winding roads. Within that path we will be blessed with Free Will to travel that path as we choose. There is no right or wrong way of travelling that path because each choice within our Free Will becomes a lesson of our growth. I want to give an example of this Free Will…..

At age 16 you have written an obstacle of a friend handing you a drug to try…. How do you approach that obstacle? If you politely refuse the drug and carry on with your life, then you may have just saved yourself the journey of addiction. But, lets say, you took that drug. The question is, do you take it again after that first time with your Free Will, or does that one try become your lesson to stay away from the drug? Lets say you take the drug and within the drug you find an addiction. Now, your life will take new turns filled with challenge and new obstacles that seem almost impossible to overcome. But, as you travel through the challenge, please know you are learning and growing through it. Had you not taken on the addiction, your Free Will would have brought you to a new set of challenges, perhaps not as hard to work through as this one, but no path is less important.

I want you to know that you were also blessed with the ability within yourself to work through each and every obstacle with success. You have the strength within you to move mountains and so, this little or big addiction you have taken on has no control over your spirit. You simply have to dig deep and remember the beauty within your soul is so much stronger than this obstacle. No one can make you remember your beauty, just as no one can make you clean from your addiction. But, know that there is no judgement from Heaven upon your difficult path.

Lets say that addiction that you have taken on, is the reason that you pass to Heaven. Does it mean that you did it wrong? In all honesty, I have to say no. Now, let me tell you why I said that. When we prewrite our lives from Heaven, we also write 5 possible exit points in which we may return to heaven in life. These points are written into our path so that our Soul has an opportunity to evaluate if it has reached it’s soul’s growth intended and simply return (Or Graduate I like to say) to Heaven. Yes, 5 times in our life that we may pass to Heaven. My guess is you can recall a time or 2 that you have skipped. Now, let me go back to the topic of passing because of the addiction. If your soul had journey’d in a way that was difficult for some time, and your soul got to a point that it felt it had reached it’s growth intended because of that journey, it would not be uncommon for that passing to Happen. Lets say that you had never taken that drug and you lived a long life with less difficult obstacles. That length in life could be because it takes longer to reach your soul’s growth on such an easy path.

A passing at a young age due to addiction in the physical world as a family member is devastating. There is also strength and growth given to that family through your addiction as well as a passing due to that addiction. And so, lets say a loved one passed from an addiction. Now, the family left here in the physical world is on a journey of working through unexpected grief. On a Physical subject, that grief feels impossible, but in a Spiritual Sense, I see the beauty and growth that your loved one blessed you with because you wouldn’t have reached that level of strength without their addiction or passing.

Lets say you did become an addict and then you kicked the habit of addiction all on your own. This option, will leave you beaming with pride in your life review. Not only did you tackle a difficult obstacle in life, but, you also overcame that obstacle with more strength than it could ever have taken to move a mountain. After a storm, there is always a Rainbow they say and when we overcome such a difficult obstacle in life, we may then begin to see the blessings of reward coming our way. That reward may be in the way of love, or security, or perhaps a great job, a nice roof over our heads, but, in any sense, we will be blessed. I know that this is a very common obstacle within families which is why I used it as an example, but please know there are more obstacles than I could ever begin to list here, Obstacles of Marriage, family members, addiction, school, Religion, Abuse in any form, Finances, Loss of a Loved one, Living with a Disability…. I could go on and on, but my point is, Yes, we wrote them.

Those who wrote some of the most difficult lives are some of the most beautiful and strong Souls. So, please, instead of screaming that “There is No Way I Planned to have ———- Happen in my Life!!!” I am going to lovingly stand on my feet facing you and tell you that you should be proud of yourself for writing it into your plan. You were never intended to be defeated by it. You have a 100% track record of making it through everything that you have written into your life and those are pretty good odds. Now, I am going to ask you to be proud of yourself. Let go of the question of “Why Me?”. If you take the lessons from all you have been through and use them to do good in your life, then you are doing Amazing!!! You see, If Life Were Easy, What Would We Learn From It?

Whatever you do in life, just ask yourself this question, “When I look Back upon my life someday, will I be Proud?”. How did you answer that question? The reason I ask is because WHEN you do return to Heaven, one of the first things you will do upon arrival is a life review. You will Re-Live your life through the eyes of everyone that your life touched. You will know their love for you. You will know their dislike for you. You will know how your life affected theirs. You will know this through each of the eyes your life has touched.

Lets say you passed from the addiction and you are doing your life review. You will know the love of your Mom who desperately tried to help you to get clean through your Mom’s very own eyes. You will see how stealing her favorite jewelry to pawn for the next high affected your Mom since that necklace you took was from your Grandmother who had passed and it simply couldn’t be replaced. You will see how you could have done things differently when it came to those “Not so Proud Moments”, but, you will not feel remorse. You see, remorse is a Negative emotion and negative emotions simply don’t exist in Heaven. Instead you will be filled with Love for all that Mom may have gone through at your hand through your addiction. You will learn and grow through each of those experiences that you view through the eyes of others. YOU will be your very own critic of your life and the growth you achieved, Not God. God supports our journey’s for our growth with complete and Unconditional Love.

As you journey through your life review, Did you do things to intentionally help and support others along your way or did you let those opportunities pass you by? Did you smile at the woman in the elevator who had a scoul on her face to simply brighten her day or did you ignore her and perhaps that smile was all she needed to get her through the day when she was working through an obstacle of her very own. Please know that you can’t do it wrong, but making an effort in each day that you live to share love with others surely does make for a beautiful life review indeed. It is why I make it a point to put as much love into this world as I possibly can. I want to leave each and every person that I touch filled with love. I want to Heal this world one person at a time, all the while, I am working through my very own difficult obstacles in life each day as well. I can’t let those obstacles affect the love that I share. You see, I am not immune from obstacles myself just because I have this knowledge. In Fact, I think I pretty much signed up for EVERY Dang obstacle that you can sign up for in life so that I could learn and grow from those obstacles which in turn has helped me to relate to each and every one of you in your paths without Human Judgement.

Lets say that in this life, you achieved all of the growth you intended for your soul’s journey. Perhaps, this is then the last life you will live. Or, maybe when you return to Heaven, you will decide after your life review that you would like to plan another life to continue your soul’s growth. If you look back upon all that you have been through in life, it has molded you into the person that you are at this very moment. What have you allowed that Mold to be? Have you let your obstacles defeat you in a way that you have lost a love for life? If so, I don’t ever want to tell you that you are living wrong, but when you do your life review, will you be proud of yourself for letting go of the reins? You have it within you to make each day that you live great as your feet hit the floor each morning.

Today CAN be the last day that you have given up on life and you may decide that you will begin to chase your dreams. It is never too late. If you have taken the abuse you were given and decided that you would never become that abuser, then you should be proud. If you have excelled in school and worked your way to the top by sheer strength, then you should be proud. And, even if you lye in bed each day, in tears over something so devastating that has happened in your life that you just simply can’t make that first step yet, you should be proud. For you are all living, and living isn’t easy to do.

When we decide to plan another life, it is not an over night thing that happens. Many times, people worry that perhaps their loved ones will not be there waiting for them in Heaven when they arrive because they may have returned to live another life. I tell people that they need not worry about this. 100 years in our time here on Earth is but a Blink of an eye in Heaven because Heaven is Eternal. There is typically about 100 years in between the lives that we live in Earthly time. I find that if someone does come back to live another life within our lifetime, that they are typically born into the same family dynamic. Perhaps they come back as a Grandchild and that connection is very recognizable in our souls when it happens.

I hope to have answered some of your questions. Today, I want you to be proud of yourself and how far you have come in life. Remind yourself when things get tough that you are learning and growing through those difficult times. Above all, You are a Miracle and because you are a Miracle, you are capable of Creating Miracles in each day that you live.

Fara Gibson was born with the ability to connect people in the physical world with their loved ones in spirit. Her life mission is bringing beautiful messages from our loved ones in Heaven. Fara is the author of two books: “Looking into the windows of Heaven”, August 2015 and “Heaven is with us”, October 2016.

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  1. OMG! I feel like god himself he’s talking to me. Most of the things you said I know them and it’s true and I’m speechless right now! All I can say it’s wow! Wow! And thanks for your guidance. And I thank God for directing me to your website and get to you.

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