What if…

by Elise Kowalski

Do you believe any of the following painful thoughts?

==> He shouldn’t have died when he did.

==> Her life was cut short.

==> God took him too soon.

==> I prayed (and everyone around me did as well) for healing and it didn’t work.

==> She shouldn’t have suffered the way he did.

==> He had so much life yet to live.

What if you could expand your thinking to bring yourself a bit of peace?

What if your child’s soul decided (with God) exactly how much time he/she would have on planet earth?

What if your child came onto earth with a very specific mission and completed his/her work and then went Home?

What if God didn’t “take” your child, but rather your child completed his/her work and then left the physical body (which is just a vehicle for the soul to travel around Earth) “on time?”

What if healing did occur, just not the way you thought it would from the human perspective (we are all healed and perfectly fine once we move out of our physical body)?

What if your child actually didn’t suffer at all, but instead his/her soul popped out of the human body before any pain or fear could be felt?

What if your child is indeed living, just not in a human body, experiencing only the perfect Love and Light of God while still so very connected to all of his/her loved ones on earth?

Let the above questions into your heart and see if anything resonates. Maybe even take a moment to close your eyes, breathe deep, and ask your beloved child these questions. Sit in the stillness and observe what happens. You may feel goosebumps, see an image in your mind, or even hear your child’s voice. Anything is possible as we are all souls (we just happen to inhabit a human body currently) and our soul is directly connected to our child’s which means we can still communicate on a heart soul level. You may feel or hear nothing but start weeping instead. That is perfectly okay, actually it may be exactly what is needed. Crying is the way to release emotion and we must do that over and over again to begin healing. You will find your child in the healing of your heart. The light of your child still shines and actually shines through the brightest in those cracks of your broken heart. Let your child’s continued love and spiritual presence be a soothing balm on your aching heart. This life is but a blink in eternity and you will be together again in the same dimension so very soon. You and your child are both loved so very much. ?

The author of this post Elise Kowalski is a bereaved mum and the creator of the blog “Love from Luke“. “I hope my Love from Luke can flow from him through me to provide comfort and the realisation that our children are still shining lights in our daily lives. They are actively present, sending signs of their love, and encouraging us to continue with healing steps as we move forward in life with them by our side in Spirit. Let us honour the lives of our beloved children by making their legacies be full of joy instead of sorrow. Let the continuing love, for our children and from our children, fuel us forward on our path until we meet again.”


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