Memorial Pages

In this page we remember our children, who we’ve loved and lost, not only for them, but also as importantly for ourselves, to mend, to heal, to live, and never to forget.

The time we spent with them is what made up the relationship that we have now lost. This consisted of fights, celebrations, happiness and sadness and it is important that we remember all of this. 

We ache and pine over the fact that we will never see our precious sons and daughters again, that we will never feel their touch or smell their smell.  We know that our relationship with them is not ended, just transformed. We are now called to the most difficult and sacred task of all: parent our children who have transitioned before us.

Our children on the other side of the veil love to be remembered and it is important that their memory is passed down to future generations so that the heritage of our past can be continued in the lives of our children.  

These are the stories of our little / big heroes who were called back home before us, of our love and of the unbreakable bond that will always connect us to them.

Until we meet again.

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*** Esther’s Story ***

*** Brittany’s Story***

*** Kali’s Story***