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The White Roses

3 min read

The White Roses

by Myrna Cox All mothers were gathered together at God’s garden of flowers. The earth’s beautiful budding spirits, who would someday come to earth, were nurtured and tended in the garden. A loving Father spoke to the mothers, “See the works of my hands. Someday you will be the mothers of these radiant spirits.” The garden glowed with the mixture of all kinds and colors. “Choose ye.” He said. Now […]

9 min read

There is no conspiracy

by Jeff Foster You are going to die. Something will kill you. Disease, an accident. A virus, cancer, a heart attack out of the blue. Something unexpected. Something that could never have been predicted. Yes, sooner or later, and you cannot know when, you are going to die. Even if you have a healthy immune system now, even if you believe that you are safe and protected by angelic forces, […]

9 min read

EVP and the Bereaved Mother

by Ellisa Levant Beaver What the heck is Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP?) How is EVP a benefit to a bereaved parent? EVP is a means of receiving actual audio voice messages from a person in spirit, received through electronics. It is an astounding phenomenon by which we can cooperatively work with those who have crossed before us, to receive messages from our child(ren) or loved ones, in their own words! EVP is a part of the […]

6 min read

How to connect with your loved ones in Heaven

by Fara Gibson Quite often on this journey as a Medium, I do readings for Parents with children in Heaven. I do readings for children who have parents in Heaven. There are siblings missing siblings, and husbands missing wives, and wives missing husbands. Within those readings, is the love and understanding that their loved ones continue on even after a physical passing. I realize that not everyone can get a […]

3 min read

Dear Dad

by Elise Kowlaski Dear Dad, I want you to know that I see you, the real you. I know you keep it together for everyone around you. You are so strong in how you carry on for all those you love. You find quiet moments to yourself to think about me and how it used to be. You shed tears when you think no one is there but I am […]

3 min read

Letter from Heaven

by Elise Kowalski Dear Mom, I wish you could see your own brilliance. I want you to know how bright you truly are. When I left my body your heart broke open, all colours turned to shades of grey, and you felt like an empty shell. You no longer believed you fit in anywhere. You felt like an alien on a planet where no one understood you. The world kept […]

4 min read

Crossing Over

Extract from the question and answers session with Medium Michelle Stokotelny on Esther’s Rainbow Facebook Community on 5th June 2020: Q: “What happens after we die? How do we cross over?” A: “This brings me back to when I was with my grandmother two years ago and she was preparing to transition. The words just came over me as I was stroking her hair and singing to her. I knew that she […]

5 min read

In Memory of Kali Elaine Wayman

Kali’s story as told by her family The last day that me and her dad saw her at the hospital and she sang us that song about “I have a dad, a special dad, and then I have a mom, a caring mom and so forth” it was about us. That day we had to go to get a new phone because her dad’s phone broke and we were secretively […]

4 min read

Mother’s Day, A Return to Love

by Elizabeth Robinson The role of mother is a deeply sacred one. The journey of mothering however, is often fraught with challenge and yet dappled with fragrant moments of indescribable joy. To experience the joy of love and belonging is one we mother’s treasure. Yet when the child / teenager we love departs our lives, whatever the circumstances, the suffering is immense and immeasurable and the onslaught of that suffering […]

3 min read

Is Healing Possible?

by Tom Zuba Yesterday I received this question: “Tom – I am having a lot of trouble even saying I believe I can heal, because I don’t understand what it means to heal from grief.” I don’t believe healing is a destination. I don’t believe I’ll wake up one day and say, “Done with that. I’m all healed now.” Rather, for me, I believe healing now becomes my way of […]