8 min read

Dear Mum and Dad…

by Fara Gibson Dear Mum and Dad, Now that I am in Heaven, I know that life for you there just isn’t the same. I want you to know that I hear you say how much you miss me and […]

5 min read

A Visit from my Daughter in Heaven

by Lisa K. Boehm If I hadn’t experienced this myself, I would never have believed it. This encounter is what has given me the strength to keep going, even on the darkest of days. A few hours prior, my life […]

10 min read

The bath experience

By Kat Baille What happens when you turn 45? Your family go back to sleep! (Must have been all the partying last night in Toulouse!)  Here you go then, here’s the Lourdes, the bath experience!  At Lourdes, you will find […]

10 min read

Dear Elise…

by Elise Getter Kowalski In a little over three months, it will mark five years since my sweet beautiful boy, Luke, left his physical body and I have recently been thinking about what I would say to that woman I […]

16 min read

Signs from Heaven

After a loved one crosses over it can feel as though you’re left with a gaping hole in your heart, you may feel lost and alone, angry and sad… while experiencing many other waves of emotions as you go through […]

4 min read

Signs from my Son: is it really you?

by Stella Georgalli Parker They all say you’re with me… they say you haven’t left me, you have merely taken on another form. But I don’t see you; I don’t smell you, I don’t hear you, I don’t feel you.  […]

3 min read

What if…

by Elise Kowalski Do you believe any of the following painful thoughts? ==> He shouldn’t have died when he did. ==> Her life was cut short. ==> God took him too soon. ==> I prayed (and everyone around me did […]

4 min read

Dear Mom…

by Christina Sargent Bergeron Dear Mom, I know you have a hard time facing each day without me, struggling to make sense of my death. I see you cry before bed each night and when you wake every morning. I see […]

4 min read

Seeing My Son Again

This post is adapted from my book Finding Davey: A Father’s Search for His Son in the Afterlife. It was freezing outside—around 20 degrees Fahrenheit during our pre-dawn hike. John, Spencer, and I had climbed up the Maryland Heights trail […]

7 min read

Healing Stones for Grief

by Tiffany Thiel I’d like to start by saying that this is by no means a complete list of stones available to help with healing, and grief, but they are stones I’ve personally worked with in my own journey of […]