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When you finally accept you have not lost your person totally and that they travel beside you in spirit.

When you are able to stop seeing them in their coffin or sick bed.

When you start to focus on the happy times and not dwell in the moments that took their life away.

When you finally get that every time you dwell on their death then that are forced to, simply because they can understand your thoughts.

When you finally and firmly understand you are the one who is in control of your thoughts.

When that light bulb moment comes on and you know that your thoughts have the power to make you sad or happy.

When you conceive that your loved one doesn’t always want you to talk about their death only.

When you start to talk about all the wonderful, funny and at times ordinary life they had instead.

When you finally get their life was a gift to you and they gave you all they had to give.

That is when your life will change.

That is when you will start to be happy again

Because like it or not we all have an expiry date and one of the secrets of life is to keep living even when you feel it’s too hard.

Yes you will miss them physically but eventually, like me and many others, you will start to see when they are around and you will actually create more memories with them through the signs they send.

But first you must accept them as your spirit person. ❤️

Are you ready to accept a different but beautiful relationship with your loved ones in sipirit?


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